Molecular marker development

 • Microsatellite markers
 • SNP markers
 • SCAR markers

Genotyping services

 • Population genetics
 • Kinship analyis
 • Movement tracking
 • Capture and re-capture

Crop & animal breeding

 • Marker assisted selection and back-
 • Varietal identity and purity
 • Resistance and QTL screening

Welcome to ecogenics - your outsourcing partner for genetic services

With a strong scientific background and a distinctive service philosophy, ecogenics is the leading trusted partner for microsatellite marker development and genotyping projects. Since 2001, our commitment is to be the partner-of-choice for ecologists, breeders, botanists and zoologists looking to outsource DNA work.

Our protocols, based on state-of-the-art technologies, combined with our excellent project management allow rapid and successful accomplishment of research projects. Together with our loyal customers, we can make a difference in the pursuit of scientific discoveries, better understanding of population genetics and ecosystems as a whole.

We developed markers for more than
500 species
  and counting

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