Crop and animal breeding: Improve your breeding results

Marker assisted breeding and backcrossing are indispensable parts of modern crop and livestock breeding. ecogenics can efficiently support you to identify the best method for your purposes. Depending on the species of interest, marker availability and sample number we may suggest different strategies to reach your goals.

Please donít hesitate to ask for a personal quote, briefly outlining the planned project if possible.

Varietal identity and varietal purity

Organisms to be farmed come in many varieties, and each has different characteristics. Farmers take advantage of these differences and select the variety that best suits the requirements of the producer and the intended market.

In order to fulfill the increasing market demands, growers and breeders are forced to test varietal identity and purity. ecogenics identified thousands of varieties from a widely diversified range of crops and livestock. We are happy to offer you varietal identity and varietal purity tests for your species of interest.

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