Microsatellite marker development

The combination of our SSR-enrichment protocol with next generation sequencing allows straight-forward microsatellite development for any species within a short time span. ecogenics delivers well-characterized markers and provides you with all information needed to publish the markers in a primer note or in a public database. It is up to you, whether you want to perform subsequent genotyping projects by yourselves, or whether you wish to further collaborate with ecogenics.

How can I start a project with ecogenics?

In order to start microsatellite development for your species of interest, we ideally need 5 g genomic DNA, however, you may provide this as isolated DNA or as tissue sample (e.g. stored in ethanol, silica-dried or frozen), we are happy to extract the DNA in-house free of charge for marker development projects. Depending on the development step you wish to accomplish together with ecogenics, we need further samples representing the population of interest to assess polymorphy and functionality of marker candidates. Please contact us to learn more about our protocols, possible development steps and sample requirements or learn more in the development options section below.

Development options
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