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Nucleic Acid Isolation

It is well known in the scientific world that the purity and integrity of the isolated DNA has a significant impact on the final outcome of downstream genomic analysis. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to rely on optimized and well-proven isolation systems when performing any kind of genomic analysis.
ecogenics has extensive experience with the isolation of nucleic acids from various sample matrices like plant material, stool, hair or environmental samples. By using our automated isolation methods and critical know-how we are able to process your samples quickly and efficiently. Profit from our experience. Improve your overall productivity by spending more time evolving your experiments and analyzing your data rather than expending time and effort on optimizing your DNA isolation approach. 

Sample Matrices

ecogenics is able to process a large variety of sample matrices and DNA sources. Our well-proven and validated protocols for nucleic acid isolation ensure that the following 4 steps are professionally handled:
  • Effective disruption of the cellular structure to generate a lysate
  • Clean separation of the soluble nucleic acids from cell debris and other insoluble materials
  • Separation of nucleic acids from soluble proteins
  • Final high-level purification of nucleic acids
Sample Matrix Description
Sample Matrix Description
Animal soft tissue & cells skin, muscle, internal organs
Animal hard tissues bone, teeth, shell
Animal integumentary system feather, hair, fin
Body fluids blood, mucus, saliva
Plants and Seeds fresh, dried and herbaria samples
Fungi mycelium, fruiting body
Environmental samples water, soil, faeces


If you don't find your sample type on our list, please contact us and we will find out how we can help you. 

Additional Services

Complex Matrices
You have unusual volumes, shapes, matrices, origins or consistency?
Most probably we have already worked with such samples and developed a standardized isolation protocol.
If not, we will be able to develop an individual approach.
Sampling/Sample Tracking
To simplify your sampling procedure, we can supply you with the transport vials, transport buffers and containers.
Precise sample tracking with a barcoding system is possible.
For certain project we can assist your field sampling.

Examples of complex samples and sample tracking we have already worked with:
  • High volume liquid samples: water drain samples, environmental aquatic samples (300ml – 1L and more), blood
  • DNA isolation from ash, different kind of soil, stool, scat, biofilm
  • Delivery of the suitable transport vials, transport buffers to the customer
  • Setup and running of a barcoding system
  • Assistance in field sampling

Project Outsourcing

Sample processing and DNA isolation is often a part of larger and more complex research projects. ecogenics has gathered years of work experience in planning and successfully completing such projects. With the combined knowledge from our mother Company, Microsynth, we are prepared to manage and realize a plurality of molecular biology projects.
Get in contact with us to see how we can enrich your research.